SpringBoard Co-founder Matthew Kajcienski Wins Emmy Award

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SpringBoard Tracks is thrilled to announce that Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Matthew Kajcienski, recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Musical Composition/Arrangement! Scored for strings and brass, this branding piece titled “Stay Connected” for Hearst Television finds its unique sound with an intimate, inviting, and celebratory approach; keen to a sense of emotional power, energy, and musical drive. The track was produced using a fusion of electronics and live performers, including instrumentalists from the famed Juilliard School. Most unusual in the piece is perhaps the instrument-driven “percussion section” created solely by tapping, knocking, strumming, and slapping the backs and bodies of the various stringed instruments. This technique gave the work a “roots-driven” quality as well as a distinct texture and drive.


Listen to the award winning track:

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